Here is the up-to-date list of all the remote work tools to RunAs day-to-day operations, with a little extra explanation for some of our key ones.

10 Remote Work Tools we’re using at RunAs

1. Video chat: Zoom

There’s no substitute for face-to-face time with your team, and we’re grateful for so many options for video chatting.

Our current go-to video tool is Zoom.

It’s got a great capacity for our growing team, and it records the meeting by default. For 1:1 conversations, we enjoy the ability to hop into a Zoom video chat directly from Slack by type "/zoom".

2. HR dashboard and portal with BambooHR

3. Shared email and spreadsheets with the classico: Gmail and Google Sheets

4. Replacing email: Discourse

When you’re a growing team who believes in transparent email, it feels great to find a solution that cuts through the clutter to focus on just what you need to see.

By default, Discourse is organized, with a lot of control over how conversations are grouped. Now conversations are easily searchable, and communicating even the smallest thought doesn’t feel like a burden to others’ inboxes the way email can.

5. Security and password management: Dashlane

6. Team surveys, weekly check-ins, and engagement reports are not yet implemented: OfficeVibe

7. Regular reviews and career conversations for teammates are not yet implemented: CultureAmp

8. Instant messaging and communication: Slack

Like many other companies, we stay in touch through the chat tool Slack for our day-to-day conversations.

9. Real-time collaboration, Tasks and Projects: Notion

Being able to stay in-sync on all docs and share the latest versions of all files is essential when working across timezones and remotely. Notion tracks changes, allows commenting and offers a changelog too of all edits on a document.

10. Planning meetings and tracking our time off: Calendly, Timetastic

Calendly had become increasingly useful throughout the team to coordinate schedules and grab 15 minutes or an hour here and there.

Calendly syncs with your Google account and calendar to block out times you aren’t available and you’re able to set your “office hours” within your settings.