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We want to become a game changing company on marketing and broad communication. Our purpose is the pain to people who are struggling with more and more social networks every day like Facebook, Linkedin, Medium, RSS, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Mailchimp, ...

RunAs is a platform of smart marketing - we help your team to automate smartly all your media in one place From and To any social networks.

Our Smart Automation platform helps in content curation, scheduling, social listening, backup, recommendation and analytics. It works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Shopify, Slack, Medium and many more.

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Content Curation

Curating articles and images for your social accounts has never been so easy. Take away the headache of crafting separate posts for each individual social profile and automatically customize your posts for all your profiles.

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Keep on top of your social media game with easy scheduling and publishing to all your social media accounts. Compose your own posts and schedule them to go out later.

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You can use the analytics to see your social media performance, understand how to improve your results, and create reports for your manager or clients. Track, analyse and download your social reports.

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Track every mention, comment and reply in your inbox. Automatically find and recommend articles and images your audience will love, so you can share them to all your social profile and keep your timelines

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Let's talk RunAs Team

Mathieu Kerjouan

Mathieu Kerjouan

CTO Chief Technology Officer

Kind of modern traveler, working as a nomad worker and living with bare minimum.



CDO Chief Dog Officer

Typically, I start my mornings around 6 am and I wake up my parents (one of the co-founders) to let me out. Then it's nap on the couch, play with my ball and watch my master work.

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